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Colorado Wants Local Adoption of IECC and New Regs on Products

Colorado and New. regulations is creating uncertainty for American businesses as state lawmakers vie to change rules that, in past administrations, were more likely to be set at the federal level..

Local Adoptions by State. Arizona | Colorado. 2015 IECC with amendments The new codes are effective in unincorporated Boulder County for all building permit applications received on or after January 1, 2016.. Please also see the Colorado Department of Local Affairs for Colorado 2012 and.

The 2015 IECC® contains many important changes including: Overall energy conservation levels of the 2012 IECC are maintained while at the same time an alternative path for residential energy compliance which provides greater flexibility which is likely to lower construction costs has been added.

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The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), in cooperation with the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO), provides the Energy Code Support Partnership (ECSP) Toolkit as a resource to support government and policy decision makers, building department personnel, contractors and developers, homeowners and business owners, and many additional stakeholders in embracing the latest national model energy codes.

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While the strongest opposition to pro-efficiency IECC updates and state and local code adoption comes from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) and some of its state and local homebuilder trade associations, a survey of top builders identified "Energy Efficiency" as the #1 emerging construction trend . . .

chains, from small local grocers and farmers’ markets to large retail stores, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias, businesses are responding to consumer demand for meat, poultry and eggs produced by farmers and ranchers in their region. Even schools-from Colorado to coastal Maine-are finding ways to get local meat onto school lunch menus.

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Marketplace Sellers around the world also continued rapid adoption of Fulfillment. a home goods and toy retailer based in Colorado. "By leveraging Amazon’s FBA program we were able to focus on.

It can’t be often that a chamber of commerce calls for more regulations, but that happened Tuesday when the Colorado. agency to adopt rules regarding guidelines for primary caregivers to give.

than the 2006 international energy conservation code (IECC), and 41 states plus D.C. have state-level commercial building energy codes equal to or better than ASHRAE 90.1-2004 (BCAP 2015a). To be successful with codes, state and local governments have found they must ensure that the most efficient