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Disability rights leaders oppose assisted suicide bill

Some advocates for assisted suicide strongly oppose the use of "assisted suicide" and "suicide" when referring to physician assisted suicide, and prefer the phrase "assisted dying". The motivation for this is to distance the debate from the suicides commonly performed by those not terminally ill and not eligible for assistance where it is legal.

 · New York assisted suicide bill draws fire from disability rights group. The judges also said the measure would induce undue pressure on terminal patients to end their lives. Physician assisted suicide is now legal in a handful of states, including California,

It is deceptive to think that the main opposition to HB 5898 is faith based. The strongest opposition – the opposition with the most street cred — are disability groups who represent people who have also been seen as hopeless in medical settings. We oppose legalizing assisted suicide on public policy grounds.

California lawmakers on Tuesday reintroduced a bill to legalize assisted suicide that had stalled amid opposition from the Catholic church and disability rights activists, as leaders among majority Democrats vowed to make its passage a priority. In a move that made clear.

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"People who need home care shouldn’t be treated as disposable," says Diane Coleman, CEO of Not Dead Yet, a national disability rights group, founded to oppose legalization of assisted suicide and.

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Kathyrn Carroll, a policy analyst at the Center for Disability Rights, is also concerned about the effect the measure could have. "It creates this double standard for people in terms of whether they are offered suicide prevention services or assisted suicide," said Carroll.

Anyone could ask their doctor for assisted suicide, but the law gives the authority to. The independent living movement was in large part a reaction against this. and other national disability organizations began taking positions opposed to.

Disability advocates and medical professionals came out in opposition to a proposal in the Colorado legislature that would legalize assisted suicide, warning that it would further marginalize the disabled and terminally ill.

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