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Dogs’ Paw-erful Sense Of Smell Can Detect Cancer

Dogs are again making tons of positive impact on human lives; they can now smell illnesses in humans. Trained dogs can sniff diseases like cancer release microscopic chemical particles before they are seen in blood tests. The research revealed that dogs could smell cancer in the blood.

Dogs have been used for decades to sniff out chemical vapors from bombs, find missing children, and more recently to detect malignancies, all through their powerful sense of smell. Other animals are now being tapped for similar purposes.

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Author of the study, Thorsten Walles from Schillerhoehe Hospital, said: "In the breath of patients with lung cancer, there are likely to be different chemicals to normal breath samples and the dogs’.

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People have long known that the canine sense of smell is a powerful tool. Dogs lend their super snouts to help find missing people, illegal drugs, and even screen for diseases like malaria and cancer.

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. to detect week-old fingerprints, objects underground and even cancer.. It's no secret that a dog's sense of smell is much more powerful than ours.. saying that what "you and I can see at a third of a mile, a dog could see. cadaver dogs have been able to identify decaying bodies 80 feet under water.

Dogs have an uncanny ability to detect changes in human physiology, and can even draw attention to diseases like cancer. As our canine companions have a powerful sense of smell, it’s thought this is.

Over the past few years, several research studies have utilized dogs in the pursuit of one of mankind’s deadliest diseases: cancer. Findings show that dogs can smell the presence of cancer in various samples, particularly those taken of the breath. These biomarkers could eventually lead the way to early detection and a greater chance of survival.

Dogs can be trained to sniff out bombs, drugs and even find missing people. Now a Canadian organization is using that keen sense of smell to detect cancer.. there, sniffing each vial and raising a paw to indicate a cancer detection.. than what the dogs are capable of doing, we think that's wonderful – but.