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Funeral home accused of selling body parts, giving families concrete instead of ashes

And took ashes home, my sister and my family are native american, my sister wanted a native funeral, my niece refused to give me ashes day before funeral, my niece instead made herself and kids, grandkids necklaces out of my sister’s ashes, we held the native funeral without ashes, our belief as natives is her spirit can’t rest now

The American Way of Death book. Read 51 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers.. The information and description of the services available through the American funeral home of times was fun to read about.. She does point out the pressure that many unscrupulous funeral directors put on greiving families. At a time where the.

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 · After Johnson’s body went to the funeral home, Schum said it took seven weeks for the ashes to return in the gift bag.. It is one of many possible fates for a brokered body. Selling corpses.

What To Do With The Ashes.. If you decided not to have a funeral for the body, but opted for direct cremation in order to prepare the body for a funeral, now’s your chance to have one pretty much anywhere you like.. The Good Funeral Guide is a labour of love not a nice little earner. If.

She gave me fake ashes.. The owner of the funeral home, Megan Hess, is accused of selling bodies. the cremains of their loved ones, or received dry cement instead.. Families say those bodies and body parts went to companies in. we got ashes of her and the FBI just told me that her body had been.

Funeral homes can collect ashes after a cremation, as can the family/friends, to be placed in a nice urn. It’s not uncommon for funeral homes to collect ashes and decant them into a nicer urn for the family/friends who simply don’t feel up to the job for several reasons.

Funeral home accused of selling body parts, giving families concrete instead of ashes. Posted by LET Staff | May. given to the families. They determined the boxes of ash contain cement, sand and other non-human particles.

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