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Going Outdoors In Colorado: Debunking The Myths

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Let’s face it. There are a ton of myths out there parading around as truth. But the real truth is that these myths are keeping broke people . . . well, broke! We’ve all messed up when it comes to money. Maybe you signed up for every credit card offer you received in the mail, or you just thought.

And children can have a fever as high as 105 degrees without serious risk of harm. Parents also keep kids inside with fever, but those with a low-grade fever can go outside and play if they feel like it.". If outdoor play and fresh air helps a child to sleep better, then exposure could be beneficial.

Myth #4: It’s only for laid-back people Everyone, no matter who they are, needs time to relax, refill one’s batteries, and think about what’s going on in one’s life. Mindfulness is one of the best ways to give your mind a rest – and come back fresh and ready to take on new challenges.

Boys Swimming: Cherokee Trail riding a big wave to “uncharted territory” – Sentinel Colorado Cherokee Trail boys swimming riding a big wave to "uncharted territory". Sentinel ColoradoApril 25, 2019, 1:43 pm. waves create good momentum in the water and the Cherokee Trail boys swim team is riding a big on so far this season.

Myths and Facts About Going Outside. These are common myths about getting outdoors. Roll over the images to see if they are true or not! Sign up to receive emails with ideas for getting active outside and healthy eating on the go! This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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Not All Myths Are False. Here are three facts about college life that shocked real students. 1. You will be going to school with 50-year-olds. Thanks to skyrocketing nontraditional student enrollment rates, classroom dynamics have never been more diverse. Kinda’ cool — until you start trying to arrange study groups around your classmate’s doctor visits.

On February 7, 2019, The Kempe Foundation convened a group of pediatric and mental health experts to help educate our supporters and partners on mental health issues facing Colorado’s children and their families. Here, we de-bunk the four most common myths of mental health and share what we learned from this important discussion:

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