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How Numbers Have Affected My Life | ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer

It’s the lowest dose you can take and my symptoms are not as severe. No more sob, but I do feel some slight weakness in my legs when I climb stairs. Nothing as bad as when I was on the other statins though. I have been on Livalo now for about three months, I am scheduled to get my bloodwork done the end of January and see my cardiologist early.

PSA comes from the cancer more than the prostate itself, so prostate removal really doesn’t affect it that much unless the cancer is all in the prostate. Really big numbers tend to be from folks where it’s spread far and wide.

Prostate cancer was a disease that only affected older men. All my complacency was shattered when the doctor came in and started the conversation with words that would change my life: "Man, you have a lot of cancer in. according to ZERO: the End of Prostate Cancer. And that’s.

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I do hope your cancer has not spread at all and you have a long and full life. In my case it was somewhat disappointing to find out that the radiation had killed all the cancer in my prostate because that, along with a rising psa meant the cancer was thriving somewhere else.

I am running on behalf of Team ZERO because I want to be part of a movement for Generation Zero – a generation free of Prostate Cancer. To those all those affected – there may be numbers that impact you too. You may not have those numbers yet, or you may be counting numbers down, but do not give up the fight.

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