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Letters: Bill protects criminal immigrants; Are we provoking a war in Iran?; more responses (5/8/19)

Saboteurs blew up gas pipeline running between Egypt, Israel and Jordan on northern Sinai using remote controlled explosives, forcing it to shut down once more. And more news from Today in Palestine:.

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We had waited too long not only to deal with a visible threat but to revise our complacent notion, influenced by Clinton-era faith in international laws and institutions, of what it was appropriate to do, at home and abroad, to protect ourselves from Islamist fanatics who had long since declared war on the United States.

05 04 03 02 01 00 6 5 4 3 2 1 library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Israel’s first fifty years / edited by Robert O. Freedman p. cm. isbn 0-8130-1819-6. The point is made more tellingly if we ask ourselves quickly to name the prime ministers of Japan, the prosecution of those accused of war crimes in Bosnia. Indeed, some.

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We live in a far more interconnected world today than we did 100 or even 50 years ago, and though the "nation" is far from obsolete, nationalism is an ideology that looks to the past rather than.

The altogether more real option available to the Commander-in-Chief, in attempting to shore up his support at least here at home, is the one that few want to talk about: initiating or provoking war.

Likewise, having armed militias in Lebanon and inside refugee camps to oppose Hezbollah, the neo-cons are now content that Lebanon is once again sliding towards a civil war with Lebanese killing each other.[vi] In Iraq, having first armed the Shiites, the neo-cons arm the Sunni insurgents to fight al-Qaeda'[vii], and the world is witnessing in horror as the civil war is delivering more dead Iraqis.

Congress has the responsibility to prevent Bush from attacking Iran. In view of congressional opposition to his war in Iraq, Bush will not likely ask permission to make war on Iran. We can expect Bush to provoke – or even fabricate a la Tonkin Gulf – an incident with Iran and then claim he’s responding to.

In debates over issues such as undocumented immigration, the War. We’d like to see him reach out to her and push the reset button." Most readers’ intuitive reaction to this story is probably that.

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