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This pilot witnessed an object follow his aircraft, I had a chance to transcribe his story.

Who says we’re not one of America’s best towns?

Fear of Landing – Which Way is Up? John F Kennedy Jr plane crash – Another pilot had flown from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Long Island, New York, and crossed the Long Island Sound on the same evening, about 1930. This pilot stated that during his preflight weather briefing from an FSS, the specialist indicated VMC for his flight. The pilot filed an ifr flight plan and conducted the flight at 6,000 feet.

How a fighter pilot survived jumping off a flying aircraft. – First, he had to eject himself from a Hawk jet fighter, and then he had to order his student to get out of a Bulldog trainer before he himself followed.

Peru’s “Touch a Truck” event kick off Saturday Creepy creature in home security video may look like Dobby, Gollum, but probably not

July Pieces Of My Mind #3 – I just had the (unoriginal) idea to say that the High and Late Medieval aristocracy lived largely in an Arthurian fantasy world of their own creation. Last night a skinny cat came miaowing at our door.

Anchors Aweigh: Sky Ships and Storm Wizards | Mysterious Universe – In the centuries before phrases like "flying saucers" and "Unidentified Flying Objects" became common vernacular, thousands of people claimed to have witnessed.. The pilots of these sky ships were called “storm wizards” and they had a penchant for stealing any booty that had been destroyed by the.

A Different Perspective: 2010 – Kevin D. Randle –  · It caught me by surprise because I didn’t know that Noel’s UFO activities had gone back that far. I only knew of him after his name and story was mentioned in Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret, where it was claimed that Noel had been an Air Force pilot.

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ufo congress: ‘phoenix lights after 20 years, ‘Fire in the Sky’ and more finds for the serious and curious – UFO Congress: ‘Phoenix Lights’ after 20 years, ‘Fire in the Sky’ and more finds for the serious. when the world’s largest UFO conference returns. Check out this story on azcentral.com:.

Turkey Provokes Russia with Shoot-down – Further provoking the Russians, Turkish-backed Syrian rebels then killed the Russian pilot riddling his body with bullets as he and the. When the heavily ethnic russian population of Crimea, which.

U.S. History Flashcards | Quizlet – Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan because. he hoped to avoid an invasion that would result in massive Allied casualties and firebombing had not yet forced Japan to surrender. Control of North Africa was important to the Allies because. it kept shipping lanes on the Mediterranean Sea open.

Naval History | Weapons and Warfare | Page 13 – Mistaking the aircraft’s stout, cylindrical fuselage for a surfacing submarine, gunners on the battleship and nearby destroyers took the plane under fire. The destoyer Preston, maneuvering to rescue the pilot and his crew, had to veer away to escape being raked by fire from the battleship’s secondary guns.

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